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 The wines of France

      France, along with Italy, and to a less extent Spain, is amoung the biggest wine producing countries in the world. The production of French Wines amounts to around 47 millions hectolitres. The specificity of this wine is the great number of ‘appelations and denominations, and this does not make it easy to understand for any non initiated wine drinker. However, this diversity is part of the charm and allows all tastes to be satisified, often with several different grape types mixed to make some wines. This possibility to marry the different qualities of the grape types, gives French wine its particularity, many countries of which are envious.

The wine producing regions in France

       The wines in France are well nown in the entire world with leading allelations such as Champagne, Bordeaux and Cognac that greatly contribute to French foreign trade. But, there are other regions which are important like Alsace, Burgundy (with some excellent vintages known worldwide), Loire, South West (with a great diversity of appellations), Rhone Valley, Provence, Languedoc, Roussillon and finally Corsica.