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Guide to Wines, Wine, its production, its elaboration process, denomination

The love of Wine

   For thousands of years men have been interested in wine to such a degree that it could almost be called a cult. Indeed it used to be a staple part of diet due to its high energetic level; however since the second half of the 20th century, wine has become a pleasure and also leisure.
   The average quantity consumed has dropped dramatically, but the quality itself has improved. Men drink less wine, but better wine. Consequently the wine industry has had to improve its production in response to this new situation, and huge efforts in terms of quality have been accomplished.
   Worldwide competition has increases especially among the different wine coming from the southern hemisphère. Countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, which were historically wine-producing countries, have had to change in order not to be left out in the globalisation of the production and consuption.
   This wine guide will mature over time and describe the principals of denominations. It will also provide some information about the grape types, wine elaboration, and wine tasting

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